At the Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic we realise that musculoskeletal health is just one component of your body health! Here we’ll discuss various different areas that will contribute to an overall improvement in your health.

Different areas that we’ll focus on are,

  • Diet
  • Footwear
  • Fitness
  • Posture & Behaviours
  • Sleep & Breathing
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Stress management

All of these topics are pivotal for improving overall health and will contribute with Osteopathy to helping you feel better!

Bye-Bye Back Pain

If you’ve been like me during this lockdown, most of your time has been spent looking at screens. While it’s allowing me to pass time without going insane, I’ve been getting a bit of back pain from slouching for so long. To reduce this pain and stop this posture from...

Coping With Aches & Pains During Lockdown

So, now we have our roadmap, and we know we have a few more weeks to go before things start returning to normal. It’s fantastic news that our actions have helped to reduce the number of infections. Still, you may be missing your usual osteopathic treatment that...

Working From Home Ergonomic Advice

Many Australian workers have found themselves working from home of late to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Here are some useful tips to help improve your level of comfort, reduce pain & tension, increase productivity, & increase your awareness of office...

It’s Mardi Gras Time – Let’s Talk Heels!

Most of us love wearing good-looking footwear, & we all know high heels look good! But this may come at a cost! Wearing high heels alters your body’s biomechanics & distorts your natural balance by having the heels constantly above the toes. Even the smallest...

Osteopathy Helps During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing experience and there are lots of changes occurring around the body. Some of these can place a strain on our muscles and joints and unfortunately pain is the result. The main reason that you may experience pain can be due to your body...