Telehealth / Virtual Osteopathic Appointments

“I found the Telehealth option hugely valuable as I now know what I’m dealing with, I have an idea of the time frame and a plan of attack. This allowed me to get a proper diagnosis rather than guessing and speculating on my own. I’m really gratefully that this platform was available to support me. I was really worried this would lead into a long term downward spiral without my usual support structure. I’m now on the mend. Overall a really good experience.” -Gus

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Telehealth! For those that do not know, Telehealth is the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver osteopathy outside of traditional practice. Namely, osteopathic appointments via video! In the current times, it is still so important to provide care, we just need to adapt our approach.

As Osteopaths the one thing we are excellent at is problem solving. Aches and pains do not just happen. There is almost always a reason and what we can offer is an answer to this. With all the changes to people’s environments, there will almost certainly be more musculoskeletal complaints. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to massage, stretch or manipulate, but what we can offer you is a solution. If you are educated about what is causing your complaint, you can address it. This will influence your immediate pain and discomfort, but also prevent it from happening again.


What to expect?


If you are a new patient, we will take your presenting complaint and your past medical history. We will then virtually assess you, meaning that we’ll ask you to conduct a series of movements and perform a visual examination, which will allow us to form a diagnosis.

For returning patients, it will just be your presenting complaint then an examination.

We may ask you to undress to your underwear to allow us to get a clearer understanding of your body movements, and it’s best to wear comfortable loose clothes.


What you’ll receive.


  • A clear diagnosis.

You will know exactly what your complaint is, in clear language that you’ll understand.

  • Short and long-term expectations.

Reassurance is everything; having an understanding of what to expect for the next 24 hours, one week and one month is invaluable.

  • Recommendations.

Depending on what we believe may be causing your complaint, we may make recommendations in terms of your posture, behaviours or ergonomics. We believe that it is these recommendations that will prevent recurrence.

  • Management.

We may provide you with some stretches, an exercise program, self-release massage techniques to help recovery.

  • Advice.

Some suggestions like anti-inflammatories, heat pack or ice may also be prescribed to aid recovery.


As you can see there is plenty we can offer without hands-on contact!





An initial consultation is $45 for 30 minutes.

A return consultation is $35 for 20 minutes.

Can I claim it on private health?

Unfortunately not, our costs have been heavily reduced to not only reflect this, but the different service being offered.

What technology do I need?

You’ll need a device with a built-in camera and microphone, so almost any computer, mobile phone or tablet will do! We do recommend having an up-to-date browser, good lighting, limited background noise, preferably a blank background, good internet connection and enough battery for the call. All these things will make everything run more smoothly.

How do I pay?

All Telehealth appointments require upfront payment at the time of booking with a credit card.

Is it secure?

Yes. All video calls through this platform are encrypted and secure. Your security and privacy is our priority.