Dry Needling

Dry Needling Camberwell

At the Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic Daniela Blancato,Christina Tziros, William Gunn and Raya Anin have undergone additional training in Dry Needling to compliment their osteopathic treatments.

Some muscle pain and discomfort can be the result of a active Trigger Point (TP) which is a small hyper-irritable spot within a band of muscle. If are experiencing muscle spasming, tightness, pain and tenderness it may be the result of having a TP within the muscle. Our qualified osteopaths are trained to examine the muscle and identify if this is the case of your pain.

Once a TP has been identified as the cause, a needle is inserted into the TP. The needle is extremely fine, not dissimilar to a acupuncture needle, and should cause little to no pain when inserted into the muscle. Once inserted, the needle may cause a dull ache in the area but this is a sign that the needle is affecting the active TP. The needle is kept in for a few minutes or until your osteopath is satisfied that the needle has been effective. Sometimes a number of needles may be used, as often there is more than one active TP contributing to your presentation. Once the needle is removed there should be a softening of the muscle and restoration of function.

Dry Needling is a safe, effective and widely accepted treatment of muscular pain.

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