Baby Children Osteopath

Baby Children Osteopath


Our Baby Children Osteopath, Raya Anin can help with many of the common complaints of infants, as well as experienced with older children for complaints such as scoliosis, sports injuries or just general aches and pains.

Osteopaths are well known for treating people for the aches and pains that result from a trauma such as a car accident or a fall, however the first physical trauma we experience is birth. During the birth process the head is forced downwards into the bottom of the pelvis while being twisted at the same time. It is then squeezed through the birth canal followed by the rest of the body which is being twisted like a corkscrew. Breech deliveries and intervention with forceps are even more traumatic and can give rise to problems, which left untreated, can last throughout life.

How does a new born baby express that she/he is uncomfortable or in pain? One of the first signs can be that they will not suck well when put to the breast or when given a bottle. They might also be unsettled, cry for no obvious reason, be demanding or sleep poorly. Alternatively she/he may be lethargic and unresponsive with no obvious cause or explanation.

Infants and children often visit Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic for a range of problems such as the following and anecdotally patients report benefit however currently there is insufficient evidence to support osteopathic treatment of these conditions.

  • Digestive complaints such as reflux, constipation or wind
  • Breast feeding and attachment problems
  • Musculoskeletal problems following childbirth such as abnormal head molding, neck stiffness or restriction (Torticollis)
  • Sleeping difficulties or unsettled
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Scoliosis
  • Sports injuries
  • ‘Growing pains’

Dr. Raya Anin is Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic’s paediatric osteopath and is available Wednesday and Friday. She has extensive experience in this area. If you are after an appointment with Raya please click on the button below.

To make an appointment with Raya at Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic, call 9042 1056 or book online now.

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