Corporate Health – Straight Forward Programs

Interested in learning more about our Straight Forward Programs for businesses and schools? Find out more below!

Straight Forward for Schools

Straight Forward for Schools is an in-school seminar, developed by Dr. Lisa Brennan (Osteopath), which provides postural education and ergonomic guidance for students.

Straight Forward for Businesses

Straight Forward for Business provides postural education and ergonomic guidance consisting of an in-house seminar and workstation assessment program from Dr. Lisa Brennan.

Individual Workstation Assessments

Individual workstation assessments, ergonomic recommendations and postural education for all staff or at the request of individual employees.

Workplace Ergonomic and Posture Seminar

An in-house seminar that educates employees about the importance of workplace ergonomics and posture, and encourages them to take responsibility for their health.