Straight Forward For Business

Straight Forward BusinessThe economic burden of musculoskeletal pain on business is well documented and, as a result, ergonomic assessments are becoming more commonplace in workplaces. Many business’ employ OH&S representatives to appraise employees’ workstations, however despite this proactive measure, there are often shortcomings. The major problem in many OH&S assessment programs is that the focus and emphasis is largely on ergonomics. Dr. Brennan firmly believes that ergonomic guidance is only one component and must be supplemented with postural education to achieve good outcomes. Ergonomics cannot be viewed independently of posture, and this is where this program aims to differ. Straight Forward addresses both workstation ergonomics as well as specific postural education.

Straight Forward for Business is an in-house program aimed at empowering your staff! This is different to standard OH&S training, which is usually aimed at employer contributions and involvement. It places emphasis specifically on the individual’s responsibilities. It is designed to complement your current OH&S guidelines or offer guidance to businesses with limited OH&S knowledge. The aim of the program is to educate participants on the importance of posture and ergonomics and encourage staff to take more responsibility for their health. In doing so, a renewed sense of well-being and control is reflected across many areas including professional performance.

Straight Forward for Business has been designed based on clinical complaints of office workers. As an experienced osteopath, Dr. Brennan has treated many patients complaining of headaches, stiff necks, shoulder tightness and lower back pain, successfully managing their complaint, assessing their workstations and making appropriate workplace and postural recommendations. Thankfully for most patients, with education and ergonomic adjustments, many of these complaints resolve very quickly.

Straight Forward for Business is specialised to suit all workplaces, whether small or large. Dr. Brennan is well aware of the budget and time constraints faced by employers and is able to provide affordable and practical solutions to any OH&S issues relevant to each business.

The program is comprised of two components of which one or both of which can be selected;

If you are interested in, or have any queries about Straight Forward for Business, please contact Dr. Brennan or 9042 1056.


Dr Lisa Brennan, Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic recently provided a postural and ergonomic seminar for our firm. Lisa’s ‘down to earth’ approach and humour combined with her expertise was very well received by our staff, even the ‘doubters’. We received a great deal of positive feedback following the seminar and have implemented the recommendations provided by Lisa.

Gayle, HR Manager, Watermark.

Lisa presented the Straight Forward – Postural and Ergonomic Program to our people. She established an instant rapport at all levels. Even after several months our employees are still enthusiastically practicing elements of the program.  I highly recommend the Straight Forward – Postural and Ergonomic Program.

 Greg, Office Manager, ARC.

Lisa came into our office of about 50 people split into a couple of groups and gave a 45 minute presentation regarding ergonomics and posture that was to the point and considered very relevant to all staff.  There was a lot of head nodding as most could relate to the common traits of poor posture and more importantly the side effects.  Following the presentation she worked her way through the office looking at each workstation with a focus on making easy adjustments to people’s setup.  Arms were removed from chairs and reams of A4 appeared from nowhere under monitors as short term fixes that people could instantly appreciate.  A very worthwhile exercise for everybody concerned.   

Darren Barker, Partner, Breese Pitt Dixon Engineering.