So, now we have our roadmap, and we know we have a few more weeks to go before things start returning to normal. It’s fantastic news that our actions have helped to reduce the number of infections. Still, you may be missing your usual osteopathic treatment that keeps you on the move.

Our Osteopath, Leo Di Giorgio, provides a quick “top to bottom” summary of what you can do to help yourself get through the next few weeks.

Neck Pain and Stiffness

Zoom meetings and hours of email and spreadsheets at the kitchen table is probably resulting in a sore, stiff neck. The first thing to tackle is your sitting posture. In the picture above, you can see Lisa demonstrating a good posture that minimises the chances of neck pain and headache.

A keyboard and mouse separate from your laptop and a few cookbooks or reams of paper are all that’s needed to radically improve your sitting posture when working from home. But remember getting up for a regular short break helps prevent muscles from getting sore and stiff. If you’re still a bit sore during the day, try these exercises to free up your neck and shoulders.

Neck/Shoulder Stretch: A safe way to do this is to place your LEFT hand on your RIGHT shoulder and lean your head to the LEFT. Feel the stretch on the side of your RIGHT neck/shoulder. After 20-30 seconds look DOWN to your LEFT elbow while still side bending your head. You should the stretch move to the back of your neck/shoulder (this is my FAVOURITE neck stretch) and hold for a further 20-30 seconds. Swap the directions to stretch the other side of your neck.

Chin tucks while sitting: This short video provides a clear, straightforward guide to performing a fantastic exercise when your neck feels sore, but you still have a few hours to go on the PC.

Back Pain and stiffness

Slouching on the couch during a Netflix binge or watching videos in bed can really provoke low back pain, especially if you have been sitting all day long. Getting up and going for a long walk can help, and so can these exercises:

Hip Flexor Stretch: Place your LEFT knee on the floor and your RIGHT foot in front of you. Keep your torso UPRIGHT and lean your pelvis forward. Feel the stretch at the front of your hip up high near the pelvis. After 20-30 seconds, swap your feet and repeat on the other side. You kneel on a pillow or cushion if your knees don’t like the pressure on the floor.

Knee Rolls: Here’s a video that can talk you through this really easy but effective exercise for low back pain and stiffness. The added benefit it also helps you get your abdominal muscles working to help with your sitting posture.

REMEMBER, if your pain is getting worse and is interfering with your sleep or daily activities or getting your work done, we can see in the clinic. You first need to book in a Telehealth consultation where we can verify your symptoms. Then we can make a face to face time available as required by the Department of Health.

Look forward to seeing you all back in our clinic soon!