Posts by Timothy Hesketh

Tim loves treating all kinds of complaints but has a particular interest in knees and shoulders. While Tim loves a challenge, he feels that education and self management are where he can make the biggest difference and is not afraid to be a part of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Tim is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bye-Bye Back Pain

If you’ve been like me during this lockdown, most of your time has been spent looking at screens. While it’s allowing me to pass time without going insane, I’ve been getting a bit of back pain from slouching for so long. To reduce this pain and stop this posture from...

Osteopaths Treat Shoulders

Shoulder, pain many of us have had it. Imagine, you’re reaching up to put the washing on the line but you can’t get your arm above your head. Or you’re lying on your side when going to bed, but a sharp pain prevents you from staying there. Or your son wants you to...