With the festive season almost upon us, it is time to consider not only how our poor waist lines and livers are holding up, but also our lower backs and feet. The latter two seem to be the forgotten heroes of the season, putting up with the many hours of high heel wearing that one has to endure to get through this time of year. High heels may look glamorous however your improved image may come at a cost.

As you are standing contemplating the canapés, there is a chance that your calves are shortening, the arches in your feet are flattening and you are placing pressure on areas of your feet that are not designed to take such weight. This pain is a sign that your feet are not happy jammed into your beautiful yet impractical shoes.
That twinge you feel in your lower back as you reach over the bar to get another glass of Sav Blanc is your body’s way of rejecting your lovely heels too. They place your low back into an extended position, making it vulnerable to injury and locking up.

These postural changes may be fine for those that have perfect body mechanics however, for most of us, we have areas of weakness. The introduction of 3 inch heels may just push us over the edge. I am not saying that you should stop wearing heels, absolutely not! But take precautions. Wear lower heels if you are not used to wearing them. Walk tall because firstly this looks much better, and secondly your body will cope better with the increased height. Try sit occasionally over the night and most importantly, manage your known troublesome areas properly.

Osteopathic treatment aims to restore function within the body and can benefit all of us who have poor body mechanics. Often your troublesome areas are the first to fail with the introduction of imbalances, like your high heels. Disaster can be avoided by correctly managing your year long niggles, and all that may be required is the occasional osteopathic maintenance treatment.

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