Hip and Knee OA creates a large economic burden on our healthcare system and costs, mostly due to increased numbers of joint replacement surgeries. As these changes occur in the joint and pain increases, patients can experience sleep impairments, financial stress from treatment or decreased work level participation, fatigue, and increased risk of social isolation.

In Osteoarthritis, we commonly see flare ups of symptoms which often occur after overdoing an activity, changes in weather, weight gain or joint stress from repetitive motions. Studies (1) reveal manual therapy can help with the management of these symptoms to then allow patients to re-engage with exercise and daily activities.

As Osteopaths, we can utilize gentle and safe manual therapy techniques to help relieve that pain, increase flexibility, and improve the quality of life for people with osteoarthritis. We employ a range of techniques such as,

Massage ( promote blood and lymph flow to and from the area to reduce inflammation)
Articulations & mobilisations of joints ( rhythmic movements at the joint to improve motion)
Muscle Energy release technique
Advise on appropriate physical exercise, proven to be beneficial in most painful conditions.

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis or know someone who does? It might be time to give Osteopathy a go at managing your symptoms!