Those of us who suffer from headaches know how debilitating and miserable they can make us. Did you know that Osteopathy can help!


Headaches are one of the most common presentations with most people experiencing them at least some point in their life. Irritation to the nerves in the neck, skull or face can potentially cause headaches. There are numerous factors that could contribute to a headache e.g. trauma to the neck, poor posture, whiplash, trigger points, TMJ dysfunction, dental work, sinusitis, eyestrain, or some more sinister causes.

Osteopaths are trained to differentiate between non-threatening headaches and those that are due to a more serious pathology and will immediately refer if required.


Patients can present with many different types of headaches. As Osteopaths, we can differentiate between the different presentations, ensuring a correct diagnosis and effective treatment. So common headaches that we can help with are,

  • Cervicogenic headaches (headaches originating from the neck)
  • Sinus headache
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • TMJ (Jaw) headache
  • Cluster headache

We will also consider non-musculoskeletal causes like dehydration, eye strain and caffeine withdrawal.


During the consultation your osteopath will take a thorough case history and conduct an osteopathic examination allowing them to identify the type of headache you are experiencing and whether a referral is necessary.

In most cases, the headaches will be of benign origin. Your osteopath will concentrate on identifying the cause of pain and will pursue to understand why that area of your body is under strain.

During treatment your osteopath will work to release tension and strain particularly in your head, neck and upper back. Gentle massage to tight muscles and manipulation to loosen the joints of neck can relieve built up muscular tension that could be the cause of your headache.

Your osteopath will advise you on stretches, exercises, simple lifestyle changes and offer guidance on posture and ergonomics that may help your recovery. These management strategies will not only relieve your presenting complaint but decrease the chance of reoccurrence.

So if you haven’t ever tried Osteopathy as a treatment option for your headaches, why not make an appointment today!