With many of us required to work from home over the past two years, the unfortunate affect of this has been an abundance of musculoskeletal injuries due to poor ergonomics from makeshift workstations, such as working on laptops, sitting on the couch or at a kitchen bench.

Many of our onsite office workstations are setup by health professionals to ensure we are sitting in an optimal position, by avoiding excessive pressure through areas of our bodies.

Unfortunately, since moving to a work from home setup, most of us have not had the luxury of a complete ergonomic setup at home, and the rate of musculoskeletal injuries has increased dramatically.

Remedial Massage Camberwell

Remedial massage can help with this accumulation of muscle tightness and pain from poor ergonomics. Targeted remedial massage releases the trigger points (knots) and muscle tightness that form from hours of sitting and working in this unnatural position.

These trigger points and tightness often accumulate in the neck, shoulders and chest, and can lead to headaches, chronic neck pain, and shoulder dysfunctions. In addition to deep tissue treatment, remedial massage therapists will also provide corrective exercises to strengthen areas of weakness caused by hours working sedentary, which will help prevent these injuries from reoccuring.