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Shane Campbell Osteopath Camberwell

Shane Campbell Osteopath

 Shane Campbell Osteopath graduated from Victoria University in 2013 with a bachelor in health science and masters in clinical science (osteopathy). After working in private practice Shane took a job working as a private osteopath working with professional athletes on the LPGA (women’s professional golf tour).

Since beginning his job with he golf tour Shane has traveled all over the world, working with the top female golfers in the world. Using a combination of hands on treatment which includes;Dry Needling, Manipulation and some more gentle techniques also. Shane also uses his knowledge in rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to help patients improve their movement and decrease their pain.

Shane prides himself on communication and making sure that both the practitioner and patient understand what is happening in the patients body and can build the best plan for the patient. He thinks that this, along with a good idea of what the patient can do at home work perfectly to help improve people’s health and lives. 

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