Dr. Leo Di Giorgio

Leo Di Giorgio Osteopath

Leo Di Giorgio Camberwell Osteopath

Leo Di Giorgio Osteopath is an experienced Osteopath having a special interest in back pain, headache, neck and jaw pain. Initially, what drew Leo to Osteopathy was its gentle and holistic approach. Prior to Osteopathy, Leo worked as a Pilates instructor. Enjoying helping clients feel and move better, and improving their sense of well-being.

With a strong interest in efficient human movement, Leo is well placed to provide advice to clients regarding sport, exercise, work and household tasks. Having a background in corporate work, means he understands and can provide realistic advice for the issues patients encounter in office-based work, such as back pain, headache, neck and jaw pain. Tailoring each treatment to a patients specific needs.

Furthermore, Leo has extensive experience with patients who have chronic health conditions that may compromise the musculoskeletal system. Examples being asthma, migraine and arthritis.

Leo is a caring and compassionate practitioner with broad clinical experience. He takes a holistic approach to your health care. Addressing all aspects of your wellbeing. A Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce your discomfort and may include massage, stretching, joint manipulations, joint articulation and exercise prescription. Education is key! Time will be spent ensuring you understand your condition so you can take control of your health.

As a primary health caregiver, Leo will also consider and advise if further medical or specialist attention is required. He will clearly communicate with your GP or any other health professional, ensuring a co-ordinated approach to your health. His aim, to help patients return to their natural state of health, and achieve their health and wellbeing goals. Let’s get you back to the things you could do before their injury or illness.

Leo has completed a Masters Degree of Health Science in Osteopathy and is a registered Osteopath with AHPRA.

Leo is available at the following times:

Monday 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Thursday 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Email: leo@camberwellosteopath.com.au