Looking After Kids Can Be Tough!

As a mum, and a Osteopath of nine years, I know only too well about the strains and stresses that motherhood places on our bodies. It can be an incredibly physically demanding job, and I believe that this physicality goes largely unrecognised or appreciated.

It starts at conception with the incredible changes of pregnancy. Over the 40 weeks, your body undergoes such significant changes that sometimes the body struggles to keep up. I regularly treat pregnant women struggling with pelvic instability, lower back pain, hip discomfort and any other associated pregnancy aches and pains.

Post-partum brings a whole new list of complaints. In the first three months, women come in complaining of upper back and neck issues as a result of feeding, fatigue and holding their new bub. Feeding and falling asleep on the couch at 3am is never great for your back. I then see another spike in women when their bub’s hit 9-10kg. Suddenly mum’s start to get lower back and hip complaints as their babies are heavy!

The last category of mums that I help are those wanting to get back into fitness after a small, or more often long, hiatus! Sadly when you haven’t run or jumped for a while our bodies take a little coaxing to get going again. But trust me, we can get you going again. We just need to identify those areas of vulnerability and get them moving better, then you can get back to pilates, f45, a 5km run or a spin class without fear or concern.

As an Osteopath, I am able to assess and fix your body throughout all the stages of motherhood. In the treatment you’ll get some stretching, massage, manipulation and useful and sound advice. I have a strong interest in women’s health and love helping mum’s keep up with their families!!

I look forward to helping you.

Lisa Brennan.
Registered Osteopath.
Camberwell Osteopathic Clinic.

Lisa Brennan Camberwell Osteopath

Lisa Brennan Camberwell Osteopath